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Jan 07, 2016

Join us at VIK in Millahue, Chile, “The Place of Gold” for the ultimate travel-wine experience. At VIK, science, technology and knowledge are our foundation, passion is our engine and the wine is the expression of our art.

Travel by SUV through our 11,000-acre vineyard and surrounding nature to see the vines firsthand and learn about our concept of holism and the VIK process of viticulture. The vine plantation, the abundance of flora and fauna, and the human element make this a very special tour!

Explore our exceptional architecturally innovative winery, taste our world-class VIK wine in the art filled Tasting Room or privately in our Wine Library and learn about our viniculture process. In The Pavilion Cafe, our inspired chef prepares a daily menu based on the market choices of the day. Enjoy this true Chilean culinary experience paired with a glass of VIK wine. Sit in the luxurious lounge with another glass of VIK surrounded by the awe-inspiring views of the nature and vineyard and know that the adventure doesn’t have to end.

Before you leave, be sure to order a case or two of VIK to be delivered to you home in the U.S. and Europe!

Explore 11,000 acres on horseback led by our experienced huasos, or Chilean cowboys. Take a guided hike into the surrounding mountains, with views that will leave you speechless. Mountain bike your way through the vineyard paths and more than 35 miles of roads while discovering the “Place of Gold.”

Another aspect of the VIK experience is found at Viña Vik, our avant-garde retreat and wine spa where you can enjoy the highest level of luxury and personalized service surrounded by cutting-edge art, architecture and design. Reserve time to relax, enjoy the best of Chile’s culinary experience and our specialized wine spa treatments.

The options are endless at VIK and we look forward to helping you plan the perfect visit to the ultimate travel- wine destination, a place unlike any you have ever traveled to.

Come experience VIK and the #vikvibe!